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First of all, Rosehip Oil is a vegetable oil derived, well from the hip of the rose. The hip is what's left behind after the flower blooms. It looks like a berry and on its inside, the seeds of the rose reside. This is a fantastic oil that has many benefits, but the most popular are its regenerating and hydrating properties. The reason why this oil has become more popular over the past years is because among its ingredients, counts with very high sources of omega 6, omega 3 among with antioxidants and vitamins, such as retinol, vitamin A, C and E, which makes it a very strong ally in looking radiant and beautiful.
You may ask yourself: ‘What’s the difference between this oil and other vegetable oils such as coconut oil?’ The answer is that this is a dry oil, as crazy as that might sound. Basically a dry oil is an oil that is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue on the skin like coconut oil or almond oil does. Dry oils are better for delicate skin, mature or very dry skin, and has many spectacular benefits, especially for the face.
This amazing oil is not only fantastic in beauty, but it also has properties against pain and some health conditions as well as for the skin, due to its regenerating properties. Here are a few benefits from this amazing oil:
  • Helps Fighting Signs of Aging Rosehip oil has vitamin C, and this vitamin stimulates collagen production on the skin, which we tend to lose when we get older. Collagen helps to diminish wrinkles and expression lines, which tend to appear as we grow older. Using rosehip oil prior to them appearing, will significantly help to avoid them from appearing for longer.
  • Great for Stretch Marks It’s very important to remember that stretch marks are mostly hereditary. If your mom has them and your grandma had them, you will most likely to develop them if you gain too much weight or if you lose too much weight at some point of your life, regardless of whether you have been pregnant or not. It’s okay, most women have them and it’s a natural part of our body. Rosehip oil can help with the appearance of stretch marks because it has fatty acids that help with the appearance of the skin, lightening the skin and vitamin A and C work great to produce collagen which also will help the look of stretch marks. Collagen gives more elasticity to the skin which will improve the way stretch marks look.
  • Help reduce Skin Texture Rosehip oil is great to help skin texture because all of its vitamins can boost the skin’s elasticity, scarring and colour, improving the overall look of the skin. Also, this oil is great to reduce inflammation and can help with scars and burns. Using rosehip oil alone or with a blend like a serum, when you do your skincare routine at night can significantly improve your skin’s texture, although, it’s okay to always remember that it’s normal to have some sort of skin texture.
  • Boost your Immune System Among the beauty and aesthetic benefits, there are also some health benefits that can come from rosehip oil. It can help relieve back pain, and other severe pain conditions such as arthritis and ulcers. When taken in daily doses, it can help to boost your immune system, due it’s high fatty acid and vitamin components. Not only it will make you look radiant on the outside, but it will make you literally glow from within. That’s a magic product right there.
  • Great for Delicate Scalp and Hair Growth We’ve mentioned the benefits of this oil many times before, so, as it would do on your skin, this oil can benefit your scalp, especially with its cell regenerating properties. If you suffer from really fine and damaged hair, rosehip can help you with that. It can also improve hair growth while adding shine. Also: Can help with hair loss as well.